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Posted by Errin O'Connor on Mar, 16, 2021 07:03

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Microsoft Power BI has simplified the world of business intelligence with its efficient, intelligent, and scalable Data Visualization tool. This business data analytics tool from Microsoft finds, gathers, and stores data from multiple data points, be it a spreadsheet on a network computer or a cloud app. Businesses use this data for visual analysis, to gather insights, and make informed decisions.
The beauty of Power BI lies in its simplicity and speed. It is simple, fast, robust, and enterprise-grade. Moreover, anyone can use the tool – even a novice having no technical knowledge.
What Makes Power BI More Intelligent
The three elements that make the Microsoft Power BI smart and robust are,
• Power BI Desktop (Windows Desktop Application),
• Power BI Service (Online SaaS Service), and
• Power BI Mobile Apps (Windows, Android, and iOS).
Apart from these three elements, there is a fourth one. Power BI Report Server – used to publish Power BI reports to an on-premise report server after creating them using Power BI Desktop.
Major Strengths of Microsoft Power BI
• It supports a hybrid deployment model. It unifies; numerous data collection points create subsets through Quick Insight Feature and applies data analytics applications to the compiled data to retrieve information.
• Power Query makes it seamless to integrate and transform data into Power BI web services. Later, it shares the data with numerous users and models for better visualization.
• Liberty to use extensible database construction (Schemas) through a usual data model.
• Flexibility to customize the appearance, visualization, and design of the reports and charts. As per your needs, import new tools or change the appearance of existing data visualization tools.
• Build custom pictograms with simplified bar charts, column charts, and lists using Infographic Designer. If required, alter the size, and fill the icons percentage with colorful uncomplicated graphics and neat features.
• If needed, integrate the Microsoft Power BI dashboard in your preferred software product using the available API.
• Break down complex data models into individual diagrams with the use of modeling view. Set, view, or modify common properties as per your needs.
• It offers digital assistance like querying data verbally using natural language. The ‘Cortana Integration’ on mobile devices makes it more powerful.
How Power BI works?
Your role within a team or project determines what Microsoft Power BI elements you will be using or exploring.
For example, a business analyst extensively uses Power BI Desktop for creating reports and publishing them on the Power BI service for you to view. A salesperson prefers using the Power BI phone app. He uses it to fill new sales leads and monitor the progress of those leads. Different people use contrasting elements of Microsoft Power BI as per their motive and according to their needs.
However, here are the two steps summarizing the working pattern of Microsoft power BI
• Step# 1:
o The Business Intelligence tool from Microsoft connects to all the data points and starts building reports in the Power BI Desktop.
• Step #2:
o The reports, created in Power BI desktop are published on Power BI Service and shared with end-users in Service, Mobile Apps, for viewing, analysis, and actionable purposes.
What Makes Power BI Unique
One of the Gartner studies published in 2019 predicts that the BI market will reach 20 billion USD. They say that a steep growth will occur from 2020-2025.
If you want your organization to become agile, future-proof, and ready for tomorrow, Power BI is the perfect BI system to get actionable insights from the raw data.
The two factors that make Microsoft Power BI unique are,
Azure Database:
Many businesses are using Microsoft Azure cloud solutions for data warehousing. Power BI is a boon to them – empowered to monitor the Azure environment more effectively.
Many organizations use Microsoft Azure for pushing large amounts of data into the cloud. Once done, they opt for a Modern Data warehouse-like Microsoft Azure Synapse to leverage endless possibilities.
Past, Present, and Future:
Advanced data modeling in Power BI ensures accurate predictive analytics that forecasts trends, features for exploring future outcomes reliably.
The powerful combination of analytics and forecasting tools in Microsoft Power BI enables users to compare numerous ‘What If’ scenarios by adding an intended forecast (Finance, Sales, Industry) in your line chart without writing a single line of code.
The modern-day software has a built-in predictive forecasting feature that finds relevancy in seasonality and next reporting time to provide the forecasting outcome. The advanced models are self-learners, it learns using historical data in lieu with the statistical algorithms backed by data mining or Machine Learning capability. Together it visualizes past trends, optimizes present performance, and acts to align future predictions.
When it comes to BI tools and services, there are a plethora of options in the market. You can pick anyone of your choices that will help you gather, organize, and scrutinize data effectively to share information across users and support informed precise, and reliable results. Microsoft Power BI is one such tool that has emerged as a leader in the Business Intelligence domain. With significant cost savings, increased productivity, and extensive Data analytics capabilities.
Forget every other tool – just go for Power BI and nothing else.
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